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Documents and Information

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Advisor Panel and Advisor Groups

Explanation - of the Advisory Panel and Advisor Groups

Advisory Panel »

Technical Advisor Group »
Tournament Advisor Group »
Standards & Discipline Advisor Group »
High Performance Advisor Group »

High Performance Programme

High Performance Programme »


ITFNZ Social Networking Policy
ITFNZ Antidoping Policy - April 12
ITFNZ Conflict of Interest Policy
ITFNZ Health and Safety Policy
ITFNZ Sexual Harassment Policy
ITFNZ Smoke Free Policy
ITFNZ Event Management Policy
ITFNZ Event Injury Waiver

Regulations & Fees

Black Belt Grading fees updated Jan 2017
ITF Fees updated Jan 2017
Hosting Gradings - Hints for Hosts
Procedure for start and end of class - Updated June 2006
ITFNZ Standards & Discipline Document
ITKD & ITF Logos
Application to Transfer Schools - To be completed by any ITFNZ member wanting to change clubs


Incomplete Pass for Black Belt Gradings - explained
Protect Accredited Trainer Module - Programme introduced March 2012
Sparring Syllabus - Introduced at the 2012 Instructor Update Courses
9th Gup Syllabus - for download by beginners yet to receive their handbook
Gup Syllabus Updates - July 2014
Dan Syllabus Updates - July 2015
Mini-Kids Program - February 2009
Speeds in Patterns and Sinewave Study by Master Paul McPhail
Taekwon-Do Terminology audio files - spoken my Master Young Ku Yun and Mr Neil Breen


From 2013 ITKD Tournaments will run according to the ITF World Championship Tournament Rules. The documents below outlines any changes or alterations needed as they apply to local tournaments run in New Zealand.

How do I Host a Tournament?

Tournament Rules PDF

ITFNZ Tournament Rules 2016
ITFNZ Under 18 Tournament Rules - updated February 2016
ITFNZ Tournament Forms - For official use in New Zealand - Jan 2013.
ITFNZ Tournament Umpires Manual - Dec 2012.
ITFNZ Umpires - List of all Umpires

ITF Documents:

2013 Appendix 1 - Scoring Procedure
2013 Appendix 2 - Approved Clothing
2013 Appendix 3 _ Umpire_s Procedures & Signals

For documents relating to Governance, please see the Governance Section.

International Taekwon-Do Federation
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