COVID-19 iTKD Update

COVID-19 iTKD Update 22/03/2020

The Board met virtually this morning to discuss the current situation. We have obviously pre-empted  a Level 3 scenario so apart from organisational planning the focus is on our community, our members instructors and families.

The iTKD Instructors page has already been populated with ideas and resources so that we can maintain our connections and networks.
We are asking for all ideas and thoughts to be shared amongst our community so we can look at different ways of delivery:

– Online resources
– Streamed training
– Videos
– Lending mats, sparring pads and other gear to students for home training
– 1 on 1 or small group training – maybe outdoor

It is great that our seniors and leaders are sharing and offering encouragement and we ask everyone to keep connecting and sharing
iTKD’s position is currently;

  • Pay your subsistence bills first – we are preparing to ride a financial storm
  • We will look to how we can deliver online including seminars, courses and obviously training as alluded to above
  • Sharing amongst instructors and on the community page

    This is a time when communities come together.

    We are confident that our strength will shine through in these dark times.

Thanks for your support