ITKD Virtual Dojang

I hope everyone is safe and well during this time of lockdown

We have had a chat about a unified group platform to be able to post online instruction, videos, question and answers sessions, and training tips etc

After exploring the many options available, we have decided that Facebook would be the best due to its ease of uploading, ability for ‘Live’ Videos and ‘watch parties’, it’s wide reach, and ability to comment.So, we have set up a new Facebook group, ITKD Virtual Dojang, which will be used as a platform for instructors and members to post training material and ideas.

Many clubs have similar Facebook pages to communicate with their members, but we felt the need for a unified group, to help bring everyone together while we are in isolation.

Facebook has a very easy Video and photo upload interface, it can post ‘Live’ videos, and also ‘Watch Parties’ which makes it perfect for what we are wanting to achieve.Anyone in the group can post training tips and videos etc, and the more we can get, the better resource this will be. If you need a hand posting or have any suggestions to improve things, please comment and let us know.

The group is called : iTKD Virtual Dojang. If you enter it into your Facebook search bar, it will come up.